about us

At Dicadia we are specialists in natural scientific cosmetics and health care

Laboratorios Dicadia products are the result of almost 20 years of experience

It was in 2002 that our team began to dialogue with the medical and pharmaceutical sectors and to work on R&D to offer quality cosmetic and health care products.

We value the properties of the plant-based active ingredients and we work them to find effective products for the prevention and treatment of different pathologies. A multidisciplinary team with expertise, ingredients of the highest quality extracted from nature and a wide experience are the keys to success.

A multidisciplinary team dedicated to our scientific cosmetics

Thanks to the work of our team, our scientific cosmetics have been constantly evolving. Thus, pharmaceutical products such as Soothing gel or Tired Legs Gel have given way to Dicalm® and Helyplus®, part of our current line of preventive cosmetics.

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