Calmalís® Alivio de las pieles irritadas

Calmalís® is the solution for soothe scratches and irritated skin, which combines calendula, chamomile and lavender.


How does it work?

The Calmalís® solution for scratches and irritated skin is the solution from Dicadia Laboratories, specialists in scientific cosmetics, to decongest, hydrate and soften the areas of the skin where signs of irritation and itching appear. The rosehip contained in its formula regenerates the hydrolipidic layer, thus protecting the skin against external aggressions. In addition, the antiseptic effect provided by Roman chamomile reinforces the cell regenerating action of calendula. And to all this is added the great calming and antiseptic effect of lavender.

What can I use it for?

Calmalís® is our solution to relieve scratches and irritated skin, with a moisturizing and regenerating effect. Do you have frequently irritated skin? Maybe the sun has burned your skin? Did you fall and get a scratch? Without a doubt, your solution is Calmalís®.

Itching from wounds

Skin irritation


Laser treatment

How can I use it?

To properly use our Calmalis® scratch and irritated skin solution, we recommend:

  • Carefully clean and dry the skin of the area where you are going to apply the product.
  • Two to four times a day, apply a thin film of Calmalís® on clean, dry skin. Perform a gentle massage to ensure its absorption.
  • At the time of its application, calculate an approximate distance of 3 cm from the area to be treated.
  • Perform a gentle massage until Calmalís® is completely absorbed.
  • In the case of applying it to the face, to facilitate the application, previously dose the solution in your hand.

Remember, as it is a solution of oils very rich in natural active ingredients, it is only necessary to apply a thin film on the skin to achieve the desired result.


Calendula, Rosehip, Chamomile, Sweet Almonds, Lavender and Vitamin E.

Without parabens

of natural origin

Quality ingredients

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