Gel de manos Dicadia con aceite de limón

Higiene para tus manos sin agua with a touch of freshness thanks to the lemon.


How does it work?

Our sanitizing gel is used to deep clean and sanitize the skin, thus preventing the transfer of diseases such as colds, flu and other contagious pathologies, eliminating the effect of external agents. It will also be very useful for sanitizing your hands on trips, when you cannot have soap.
In addition, thanks to its formulation with lemon essential oil, which gives a pleasant citrus fragrance and is antiseptic as well, you can use it to perfume your hands at any time.

What can you use it for?

Dicadia Hand Sanitizing Gel is our product to guarantee good hygiene of your hands and the elimination of bacteria.

Avoid contagion of flu / virus

Perfume the hands

Prevents the spread of colds

Sanitizes the skin

How can I use it?

To correctly use your Dicadia sanitizing gel, follow the following recommendations:

  • First, place a small dose of sanitizing gel on your hands.
  • Then rub both hands together for about 30 seconds until the gel is absorbed and hands are dry and clean.



Ethyl alcohol / Glycerin and Lemon.

Without parabens

of natural origin

Quality ingredients

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