Gel formulated with natural oils.

Therapeutic indications

-Circulation activator.
-Prevention and treatment of tired, swollen or aching legs.
-Reabsorption of edema and hematoma.
-Circulatory and muscular toning.
-Post-traumatic and post-surgical recuperation.
-Sedentary, pregnant, overweight.
-Lymphedema, Varicose veins and phlebitic post sequelae.

Pharmacological Properties 

Rosmarinus officinalis: Venotonic, vasoconstrictor, antiseptic, Salvia sclarea:  Antiinflamatory, analgesic, antiseptic, Helichrysum italicum: Antihematoma, Antiinflamatory, healing. Ocimum basilicumAntiinflamatory, antiseptic, Menta piperita: Analgesic, refreshing, antiseptic.

Application Topical use.

Apply 2 times per day giving a soft massage from the ankle to the knee. Initially it is advisable to use it continuously for 30 days, and thereafter as circumstances require. For all other indications apply Helyplus twice daily doing massage to facilitate absorption.